• Radio is timeless

    Small town radio is the lifeblood of America - our stations will help keep it pumping.

  • Connecting Communities

    Wireless is the glue that holds communications together here and everywhere.

  • Launching Internet Radio

    We will bring the future of radio to you today in the most entertaining ways.

  • Creating Social Connections

    We will foster local connections with the next generation of social media and sharing services

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Net Classic Hits

Our first Internet Radio station is industry unique - you can listen to it two different ways - try it.

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Intelligent Mommy

Intelligent Mommy is a social network for young mothers where they can network and buy and sell their baby stuff.

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The Company started with the acquisition of Wisplinx, LLC that is now a joint venture project with another wireless company, which AWE has agreed to acquire.

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American Radio Empire

AWE proposes to buy terrestrial radio stations in small and medium-sized towns across the country.

This division of AWE will be known as American Radio Empire (ARE). The Company believes that there will be continuing opportunities for it to acquire cash flow positive small and medium market properties. Operating station clusters provides a number of opportunities for AWE to significantly increase revenue and cash flow in a relatively short period of time.

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The Internet Component

The Company’s Internet services will be under the banner “American Internet & Radio” and will encompass services ranging from website development and maintenance for AWE radio advertisers but also for other industrial clients to the creation of for profit social network sites and Internet Radio. AWE recognizes the steady growth of broadcast radio within the unrated station markets, but also recognizes the growth potential within the Internet market. While large consolidated groups such as Clear Channel, CBS and Cumulus dominate the major markets and continue to wage battle against each other and their competitors for market control in the metro areas, AWE's cross-market approach is to look past this hotly contended arena towards the expanding opportunities on the Internet.

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The Wireless Component

AWE has located successful domestic wireless companies with international connections for purchase in Ohio, Texas and Oklahoma. Two of them produce equipment and software while the third company can build out wireless operations domestically as well as internationally. AWE radio stations will promote these wireless services that will include high speed broadband, VoIP, cell service, satellite television, satellite music and movie downloads and satellite gaming.

With the acquisition of these wireless companies, AWE has the potential for rapidly ramping up revenues very rapidly utilizing potential build out opportunities in the Philippines, China, Australia, India, Singapore, Brunei, Canada, Africa and Brazil.

Additionally Wisplinx will sell hardware and software to other WISP build-out groups.

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Creation of in-house Sales Rep firm

AWE will be able to market not only its own terrestrial and Internet stations but also thousands of other radio station across the country with its own rep firm to be known as “AMERIREP.” This will give AWE the size and marketing strength necessary to be able to operate in the form of a “virtual rep firm” website (launching here in 2014) as well as a traditional rep firm with sales personnel located across the country.

A rep firm infrastructure is being planned for use on the Internet right now, ready to serve as the platform on which AWE will market regional and national advertising. AWE will also explore the formation of a barter company to handle the volume of trade advertising that will be created with the networks, allowing AWE to be able to pick even more affiliates for its networks.

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